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If you have read my article  I Am Addicted To Fishing, My Name Is Stefan , then you will understand what I am on about in this article.  If you haven’t, that’s ok; you will have a pretty good idea of the gist of things by the time I’m done.


So musky 2012 opener is just a few weeks away here in Ontario.  Last year, I was fortunate enough to be invited to my friends cottage on the Lower Buckhorn to fish what is now known as the 5th annual musky opener weekend.  If you want to know more about how that went, you may enjoy reading about my experience in The Blue Gill Session.  If not, here is a recap in short – I didn’t catch a musky, but… I did catch the musky bug.  Some of you already know that bug.  I am just in the early stages of the disease but I am an addict so this could be a long down hill road I’m about to travel.  I hope that it doesn’t end in another 12 step program, but hey, I’m sure that if it does, I’ll find a few of you in the rooms.


For me, part of the joy of fishing is the preparation and planning that goes into a trip.  I have been watching the Musky Hunter and a few other programs.  I have been reading articles by Doug Stange, editor-in-chief of In-Fisherman magazine as well as others on the ins and outs of musky fishing.  I have been going down to the local tackle stores and telling everyone that I’m going musky fishing on the Lower Buckhorn, trolling for information on the chance that someone may be able to offer some insight into what it takes to catch a musky.  I have spent the last year browsing through on-line catalogues of gear appropriate to the sport.  I have researched a number of different leads on tackle that has one property or another that will give me the angling edge when it finally comes time to pound the water.  All of these things, I have done – and more, in hopes that I am preparing myself for the experience.  I have talked fishing rods, reels, line, techniques – I am a wealth of untested knowledge.


In theory, I am prepared.   Mentally, I am ready.  Emotionally, I am amped up – enjoying the process all the way so as not to cheapen the experience if I happen to get skunked again this year.  The opener is on its way – I have my rods and reels collected – almost – (last year I was borrowing everything I needed – this year I will own some of my own! )

And….this year I have my own baits too!!  (Yes Ron – I can lose my own prize lures on cast one and two – no more replacing tackle for other people )

I have spent just as much time if not more in lure selection for the trip.  I have some body baits – jerks and such – suspending  loveliness in an array of colours, shapes and sizes.  I have some small buck-tail baits too, some with single hooks, some with doubles.  Most with fluted blades.  I have some original Buchertail baits from famous musky fisherman Joe Bucher ( I first read about him in an article about J.J. Ross – a Canadian musky lure manufacture that sited Joe as someone he had talked to about lure design).  I don’t have a Gobbler by J.J. Ross, though I would love to have a couple – I am just having difficulty getting a hold of him so far.  J.J. – if you read this, please help!  I would like 3 of your Gobblers.  Black on Black – Black with orange blade and black with silver blade)  .  On the subject of Joe Bucher, I read a great article by him about rod selection and the 3 rods a fisherman needs for musky – only thing I would change is the 6’6″ rod would be for spinning gear as I prefer spinning gear for the jerkbaits ( they are lighter and I hate throwing light tackle on baitcasters – bird nest problems being the reason – though if these new Quantum Smoke Reels perform as I expect they will, then I may just be casting jerks with them too.)


Anyway – everything that I have mentioned above is all part of the lead up and as I get closer to the opener, the more excited I get.  Bare with me as I share this experience –

Last week on Thursday, I was researching buck tail lures.  I mentioned that I have had problems getting Gobblers and I really want some for this years opener.  I started looking for buck tail manufacturers in Ontario that may be able to fulfill my desire for new lures before opener.  I found the name Johnny Dadson from Dadson lures and I must say that I am super glad that I did!  Go to the website and check out the amazing selection of lures this gentleman makes – scratch that – CREATES.  They are works of art – no kidding.  I had an absolutely seamless transaction and Johnny was first class about everything.  First, he gave me a walk through on where I could buy his baits.  I told him that I wasn’t going to be able to make it to any of the locations carrying them before opener and asked if he knew if any of them would order specific baits for me and how long I would have to wait.  He sent back that he had some baits in stock if I would like to choose from his selection.  He helped me with his knowledge of the fishery I was heading to as well.  I took him up on his suggestions for lures and colours.  We then got the details of the transaction worked out and I paid him through what must be one of the coolest ways ever; an Interac email money transfer.  It was so smooth and quick that he had the money literally within minutes of the beginning of our discussion.  I had never used that method of payment before, and honestly if you are a retailer, you need to check it out.   If you want a cool way to pay, you should check it out.  Anyway, the money transferred and Johnny put the baits in the mail the very next day – Friday.   They arrived at my work today, Tuesday and wow!  Just to let you all know – these are not just lures.  They are incredible works of art.  I can’t wait to fish them and man it will be cool to catch something too.


As I said earlier and many times – for me it is the process of fishing – the planning, the preparing and the learning that all comes before, during and after the fishing trip.  I hope to send you some amazing pictures from the opener and I hope that I can report on some really great new experiences.  If you have any pictures from this years musky opener, I would love to see them so send them along and I will post them up!  Especially if you catch a musky on  a Dadson lure!  And, even if you don’t catch a musky – send me your pics from the weekend anyway and maybe a story or an event or something you learned.  I would love to hear from you.  But please, refrain from sending me pictures of your half naked, drunken self -(yes Tinkerbell – this does mean you! Lol )


Stefan Cartmale


2 responses to “Musky Opener and Dadson Lures”

  1. Adam says:

    Great looking lures! Looking forward to hearing how well they worked for you, and on what fish!

  2. Shenna says:

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Musky Opener and Dadson Lures | The Deprived Angler, thanks for the good read!
    — Shenna

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